Select Pieces

Features & Reporting:

Is a Jewish Fraternity Like AEPi Only for Jews? – Longform investigation and cover story for The Forward (print). The story won a 2017 award for Excellence in Religion Reporting from the Religion News Association. 

The Misadventures of an Idealistic Restaurant in Cut-Throat New York – The New York Times, cover story for the Metropolitan section (print)

The Pied Piper of Parrots – The New York Times (print)

Can Technology Stop the Duane Reade-ization of New York? – The New York Times (print)

Hitting the road – Curbed, longform narrative story about skoolies

Can the Bible of Weed Survive in the Age of Vaping? – Medium, longform

The Portlandia Effect: How Did the Show Change the City It Satirized? – New York Magazine’

‘Meet a Muslim’ – Pacific Standard, scene sketch about a Muslim man in Portland

Fear and Loathing in Cascadia – The Baffler

Hoop dreams – Curbed, about the IRL connection of New York City’s basketball courts

A Painter Who Merged Korean Art Traditions with Abstract Expressionism – Hyperallergic

How to Paint a Changing Neighborhood – CityLab by The Atlantic

This Sports Bar Was Struggling — Until It Went Kosher and Business Took OffNew York Magazine

Exodus: After 90 Years in Manhattan, Can Streit’s Matzo Reinvent Itself Upstate?  Longform cover story, The Village Voice (print)